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The LSB magazine "ROSME"(1957) is the only adapted magazine in Latvia for the visually impaird. It is published once a month in Latvian.

Topics of the magazine- projects and events in the Latvian Society of the Blind, interviews with inspiring people, changes in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia (if applicable to persons with disabilities), list of the latest books of the Latvian Library for the Blind also news from othe non-governmental organizations.

ROSME is a state-paid social rehabilitation service, which is provided free of charge to persons with visual disabilities.

Available magazine formats:
  • Braille (received by post)
  • Enlarged sighted edition (received by post)
  • Audio format on CD (received by post))
  • Audio format electronically (by receiving a link to the file library in your e-mail)
  • Electronically (by receiving a link to the file library in your e-mai)

The magazine can also be purchased by other individuals and legal entities.
Price of one magazine edition:
  • Braille 2,50 eur +VAT,
  • enlarged sighted edition 3,00 eur +VAT,
  • audio format on CD 2,00 eur + VAT

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